About Status Croix


We wanted something new. Something more like us. Something more like you - in terms of design and expected quality.


Obviously the world is starting to understand that there has to be a change. And thankfully lots of people are moving in the right direction. It's not about how much you do, but that you do at all. So if we can help by making it easier for you to choose a product which is good in terms of fair wages, sustainable resources and ecological production and not having to make a cut when it comes to design - then we have already achieved what we aimed for. We focus on fair trade, sustainable and vegan clothing, handmade with passion. We strive for quality, aesthetic and sustainability - combining our passions for motorcycles, skateboarding, design and photography.


We are aiming to bring highly fashionable alternative clothing to a new level. You don't need to make any compromises when choosing between amazing styles and a clean conscience.


Let's cross the status quo together for the new era.


Status Croix  |  MMXVIII  |  Germany

What's more to say

We at Status Croix rely on certified organic garment blanks meeting international standards. 


What does this mean?


NO synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in cultivation

NO genetic engineering

NO potentially harmful chemicals during processing (e.g. dyes / strong detergents)

NO child or forced labor

- Sustainability in production processes

- Adequate wages and working hours

- Wastewater systems that remove all additives before continuing into the groundwater

- Energy recovery and self-sufficiency through solar and wind power

- Minimal Co2 emissions


All screen prints are produced with water based paint that meets the Ökotex 100 Standard.


What does this mean?


The paint is solvent-free and non-toxic. Further, it is made according to Ökotex 100 standard and of course vegan.

Produced to the highest quality and environmental standards in the European Union.


SnapPap labels


SnapPap is a 100% vegan material. It is strong and tear resistant and consists of a mix of recycled paper and natural latex. From the look and feel it matches leather imitation.


Bamboo apparel


Bamboo is thermal regulating (keeping warm in Winter and cool in Summer), anti-bacterial (helps keep you odor free), softer than regular cotton. 


Our motivation


With this procedure, we want to support the conservation of ancient and endangered forests and ecosystems, reduce our greenhouse gas footprint and support more environmentally and socially beneficial fabrics. We believe in recognizing, respecting and upholding human rights and the rights of communities.

Care Instructions

To keep your favourite pieces and prints beautiful and soft, keep to the following care instructions (unless stated otherwise on the individual garment):


  • wash cold & turn inside out
  • do not tumble dry
  • lay down to dry
  • do not iron over the print




Some premium products offer the possibility to get 3 icons of your choice embroidered. You can choose between the following options:


Numbers: 0123456789


Symbols: lightning, heart, question mark, exclamation mark

How To Iron on our Patches

Application Instructions:

  1. Turn your iron to a heat setting of around 170ºC
  2. Place your patch in the desired position on to the garment and cover with a clean cloth (DO NOT IRON DIRECTLY ON TO THE PATCH)
  3. Press the iron straight down for 10 seconds. 
  4. Turn the garment inside out and repeat step 3 on the reverse. 
  5. The Heatseal film achieves its full adhesive force after 48 hours and will adhere to most fabrics. Fabrics containing cotton will have the best results

Regarding your pre-sale orders & Shipping

Please note that if you order articles from the current stock and from the pre-sale together, we will ship everything at once as soon as the pre-order products are ready. We keep to this procedure to stay environmental friendly and dismiss unnecessary packaging and shipping. Meaning, that if you want to receive the products from the current stock earlier, we have to kindly ask you to order them separately.

Behind the scenes, Making of and much more

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