Status Croix Squad

The STCRX Squad is one family, united by the passion and drive to reach for the next pure moment of consciousness. Connected by love for life all around the globe - in Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Bike riding, Rollerblading and more. Now, let us introduce you to the Octopus Squad.

Henrique from BRAZIL [@henriquetrex]

Mose from USA [@moseportal]

Rei and Riku from JAPAN [@kentarox_sk888 & @rei._.sato]

Marco from GERMANY [@that.gottschi]

Line from GERMANY [@p__line.k ]

Max from GERMANY [@maxednoskill]

Katarina from SLOVENIA [@skvikskvik]

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Status Croix - One night in Bangkok
#statuscroixsquad - Wallpaper #1
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